Covenant Place - Covenant Woods Allowing our Residents to live with Grace, Comfort, Security, Dignity, & Respect


What to Expect 

Life at Covenant

Residents at Covenant enjoy the Grace and Dignity that comes from choice and independence balanced with the Comfort and Safety of a supportive and Respectful staff.  Socialization is strongly encouraged; however, Residents are free to participate as they choose because the Covenant Staff handles many of life’s more mundane chores.  Our open and spacious design offers access to many options for activity or relaxation.   

Care at Covenant

The care for each Covenant Resident is customized based on their specific and individual needs.  Upon admission, a detailed plan is devised to guide the care staff to supportively address the Resident’s preferences and needs.  The plan is inclusive of Residents’ preferred daily routines as well as their needs based on physical limitations.  Each plan is designed with safety in mind but with the overall goal to extend and not to limit a Residents independence.

Additionally, the Covenant Staff oversees medical care for our Residents and communicates timely and directly with sponsors and physicians to ensure that a Resident’s condition is appropriately known.  Medications are “dose packaged” by our pharmacy partner and are managed by Covenant Staff to ensure accurate and timely dosing.  New prescriptions are given to the nursing staff who in turn coordinates delivery with the pharmacy thus relieving sponsors of an unnecessary hassle.

Dining at Covenant

Meals at Covenant are both tasty and well-balanced.  They are served “restaurant-style” in a casual dining setting.  Each day starts with a traditional “southern” breakfast that offers options to accommodate everyone’s tastes.  Lunch and Dinner at Covenant Place emphasize choice with multiple entrée and side options.  Options also include a “soup of the day”, a variety of fresh salads or “always available” fast food items.

At Covenant Woods, the lunches and dinners are pre-chosen based on the Residents’ food preferences.  This avoids the stress and anxiety that can be present when persons with dementia are confronted with making decisions.  The staff eats with the Residents to encourage a focus on meals and to promote dining as a social opportunity.

At both Covenant Place and Covenant Woods, snacks and drinks are readily available throughout the day to satisfy those between the meal urges or to promote proper hydration.

Sample Menu

Activities at Covenant

At Covenant, multiple targeted activities throughout the day focus on social, physical and spiritual wellness.   Each day begins with “Morning Medley”, a combination of humor and physical and mental exercises that keep minds and bodies active and oriented to date, time and place.  We continue this focus throughout the day with word or number games that involve critical thinking.  Other games focus on dexterity with the use of dice or cards.  And, as one might guess, we play BINGO….At least twice each week because we have learned... “You don’t mess with Bingo”.


In addition to these scheduled activities, each month will have a theme or big event.  Recent past events have included Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Plays, dances, golf tournaments, Broadway Review Shows, Casino Nights and trips to Tuscaloosa to cruise on a paddle boat.  This variety keeps the activities program fresh and interesting and always provides conversational topics for Residents and their families.

Activity Calendar 

Moving in to Covenant

The first step in becoming a Resident at Covenant is to determine whether Covenant is the right place.  That is most easily done with an in-person visit by a prospective Resident’s sponsor to check out the facility, the current Residents and the Staff. (A preliminary phone call may address many initial questions.)  The next step is to select from the available apartments or to get on the waiting list.  To reserve an apartment or to get on the waiting list requires a $500 deposit. 


The third step in the process is the Resident evaluations.  This includes an evaluation by the Resident’s primary care physician as well as an evaluation by Covenant’s care management team to ensure that the Resident is appropriate from both a physical and a cognitive perspective.   Once the evaluations are complete, it is a matter of picking the stuff to bring and moving it into the apartment.   (Please see pages 14 and 15 in the Resident Handbook for a list of suggested items to bring and items to leave at home.)

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Resident Handbook - Place

Resident Handbook - Woods

Deposit Form

Other Pre-Residency Forms

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1.   Can I get a copy of the Activity  Schedule that my family member will be offered every month? A: Absolutely! We have an email list of all of our Sponsors, Family Members, Friends, and anyone else who may want to know what is going on with their Resident. The Activity Calendar as well as Covenant Clips which is just a snapshot of all things Covenant happening are emailed at the beginning of the month.
  2. If you have any questions that are not answered in this packet or on this page, feel free to give us a call!